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Sign up for an experience that lasts well after the detail is complete, enhancing your overall driving experience and our customer testimonials say it all.​ Take the first step towards exceptional vehicle care and experience the Posh Wash Auto Difference. It's time to elevate your vehicle to the next level - sign up for your maintenance plan today and claim your sign-up bonus in the form of a complimentary add-on service. See Below. 


Members receive regular auto detailing that will protect their investment and extend the life of their car. Dirt and debris can eventually eat away at the finish and paint, damaging the metal beneath. Protecting your interior with regular auto detailing reduces wear and tear and preserves the value of your vehicle.


Posh Wash Members receive exclusive discounts for their regularly scheduled auto detailing. Our membership levels and their associated discounts are listed below. If life plans change and you need to cancel your membership, you can cancel anytime after 90 days without any cancellation fee.


We will schedule your auto detail services in advance, send you reminders before each visit, and alert you when we are on our way. You will be invoiced after each detail and your discount will be included. If you ever need to move a detailing date, just call or text us within 48 hours of your appointment to let us know. We will be happy to adjust the schedule.

Memberships Levels


-20% off regular package pricing.

-Automatically Scheduled Detaili every month.


-15% off regular package pricing. 

-Automatically Scheduled Detaili every two months.


-10% off regular package pricing. 

-Automatically Scheduled Detaili every three months.

How Does The Membership Work?

Our Hassle-Free Process

Become A Member Today

Tulsa, OK, 74104 

Serving Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Owasso, & more!


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Sign-Up Bonus

Exclusive Perks 

When you upgrade to a maintenance plan, you're rewarded with select add-on services or goodies!


Choose from:

  • Limited Time Only! Posh Wash Auto Cotton Tote Bag.

  • Ceramic Wheel Coating: Protect your wheels with a durable ceramic coating that resists brake dust and keeps them looking new.

  • Interior Protective Coating: Safeguard your vehicle’s interior from spills and stains with our advanced protective coating.

  • Windshield Coating: Protect your windshield from the elements and bead water relentlessly for months!

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Why choose a plan?

Our maintenance packages are built around the philosophy of preventive care, ensuring your vehicle not only looks exceptional but also operates at peak efficiency.


With our plans, you will benefit from:

  • Flexibility: Tailored scheduling that fits your busy life.

  • Value: Unmatched service quality at half the price during promotional periods.

  • Personalization: Maintenance that targets what your car needs the most.

  • Exclusivity: Special add-on services as a reward for your commitment to vehicle care.

  • No Hassle: Easy and contactless payments made through square, anywhere and every detail. 

Ready to Book?

We offer flexible appointment scheduling and competitive pricing. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to answer your questions and provide expert advice on car care and maintenance.

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