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Exterior Detailing

Welcome to Posh Wash Auto, where we don't just clean cars; we transform them. Our expert team employs unmatched cleaning and protective techniques to ensure your vehicle shines brilliantly, whether it's for a special occasion like a wedding, a memorable date, as a thoughtful gift, or simply for your daily luxury indulgence.

Your car represents more than just transportation; it's a reflection of you. Protect your investment and find the package that suits your needs. Every service we offer is a pledge to maintain your vehicle's beauty and prolong its life with a satisfaction guarantee.

Is your car ready to claim its place in the spotlight?

🌟 Explore our exterior packages below and select the perfect care for your vehicle.

Becky B. - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Brian was meticulous, friendly and my car looks great. He did a fabulous job cleaning and waxing inside and out. Please call him he will not disappoint." 
🥇Received Gold Package

Introducing our Express Wash'n'Wax Exterior Package. Perfect for vehicles that encounter daily dust and minor dirt, our Exterior Shine Package is tailored for cars on a recurring detail schedule. This service ensures your vehicle maintains its luster and curb appeal between more intensive sessions.


🚿 Pre-Wash and Hand-Wash: The vehicle is rinsed and foamed for the pre-wash, followed by a meticulous hand-wash to preserve your car's pristine exterior.

🧽Tires and Wheels Cleaning: Your car's tires and wheels are thoroughly cleaned, removing road grime and brake dust to restore their shine.

💦 Rinse and Blow Dry: After cleaning, the vehicle is rinsed and blow-dried, ensuring no water spots are left behind.

💎 Exterior Glass Cleaning: All exterior glass is cleaned to a streak-free shine for optimal clarity and appearance.

🌟 Finishing Touches: We apply tire shine, trim dressing, and a spray wax for a warm glow that highlights your vehicle's best features.

⏱ Estimated Duration: 1-1.5 hours. This quick yet effective service is designed to fit into your regular maintenance schedule without inconvenience.



  • Coupe: 💲65

  • Sedan: 💲65

  • 2 Door Truck: 💲75

  • Midsize SUV: 💲75

  • Large SUV: 💲85

  • 4 Door Truck: 💲85


📞Contact us at (918) 984-7666 to schedule your next appointment or click below to keep your vehicle looking its best all year round!

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Introducing our Premium Interior Detailing Package. The perfect remedy for vehicles that have missed their regular maintenance, designed to elevate your car back to a like-new state. This package is a thorough exterior makeover, ideal for cars that need extensive attention to detail.

🚶 Walkaround Inspection: We begin with a detailed inspection of your vehicle to assess its needs and customize our approach for the best results.

🧼 Foam Wash and Hand Cleaning: The vehicle is rinsed, foamed, and hand-washed with care to ensure every surface is treated with precision.

🧽 Tires, Wheels, and Undercarriage Cleaning: A deep clean of the tires, wheels, fenders, and suspension to remove tough dirt and grime, enhancing the vehicle's overall appearance.

💨 Rinse and Blow Dry: Post-cleaning, a thorough rinse and blow dry is performed to leave your vehicle spotless and free of water spots.

💎 Exterior Glass Cleaning: All exterior glass is meticulously cleaned, providing you with crystal-clear visibility and a gleaming finish.

✨Finishing Touches: We apply tire shine and trim dressing, followed by a 6-month spray coating to protect and enrich your vehicle’s exterior shine.

⏱ Estimated Duration: 1.5-2 hours. This detailed service is carefully designed to restore your vehicle's beauty and protect it for months to come.


  • Coupe: 💲85

  • Sedan: 💲85

  • 2 Door Truck: 💲95

  • Midsize SUV: 💲95

  • Large SUV: 💲105

  • 4 Door Truck: 💲105

📞 Contact us at (918) 984-7666 to book a session or click below to start the transformation today!

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Introducing our Showroom Exterior Package. Tailored for vehicles requiring deep-cleaning and tough stain removal, our Elite Restoration Detailing Package meticulously restores your car to its original manufacturer (OEM) appearance. This extensive service is for those who demand a showroom-quality finish and unparalleled attention to detail.

🔍 Walkaround Inspection: Every session begins with a comprehensive inspection to tailor our cleaning methods to your vehicle's specific conditions.

💧 Rinse, Bug & Iron Treatment: A thorough rinse followed by specialized treatments to remove stubborn contaminants like bug splatter and iron filings.

🧼 Foamed Pre-wash, Clay, Hand Wash: Our foamed pre-wash and clay treatment lift away impurities, setting the stage for a detailed hand wash that ensures a deep clean.

🧽 Tire, Wheel, Fender, Suspension Cleaning: Intensive cleaning of the tires, wheels, fenders, and suspension to remove every trace of dirt and road grime.

💨 Rinse, Blow-dry, IPA Prep: A final rinse and blow-dry precede an IPA prep, which ensures a clean surface for the protective coating.

💎 Exterior Glass & Trim Dressing: Cleaning of all exterior glass and dressing of tires and trim for a polished and protected finish.

🛡️ Ceramic Coating: Application of a ceramic coating to paint, glass, and wheels, offering up to 3 years of durable protection and an exceptional gloss.

⏱ Estimated Duration: 2-3 hours. This detail-oriented service is customized for your vehicle, providing lasting beauty and protection.


  • Coupe: 💲105

  • Sedan: 💲115

  • 2 Door Truck: 💲125

  • Midsize SUV: 💲135

  • Large SUV: 💲145

  • 4 Door Truck: 💲155

📞 Contact us at (918) 984-7666 to arrange your appointment or click below for an exceptional detailing experience that brings back the new car feel!

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