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Interior Detailing

Welcome to Posh Wash Auto, where we elevate not just the exterior, but also the heart of your car – its interior. Our skilled team specializes in comprehensive interior detailing packages, meticulously rejuvenating every inch of your vehicle's cabin. Whether it’s for a significant event like a wedding, an unforgettable date, a unique gift, or simply to indulge in daily luxury, we ensure your vehicle’s interior matches the occasion with elegance and style.


Your car's interior is more than just a space; it's a home away from home. Protect and personalize this important part of your life by choosing a package that meets your specific needs. Our services are a commitment to preserving the beauty and extending the life of your car's interior, backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

Is your car's interior ready to reflect the best version of you?


🌟 Discover our range of interior detailing packages below and choose the perfect level of cleanliness for your vehicle’s interior.

Becky B. - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Brian was meticulous, friendly and my car looks great. He did a fabulous job cleaning and waxing inside and out. Please call him he will not disappoint." 
🥇Received Gold Package

Introducing our Essential Interior Package. Experience unparalleled care for your vehicle with our specialized Interior Maintenance package. Tailored for vehicles that need regular upkeep - weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly - our service ensures your car always looks and feels its best.

(For Existing Customers Only)


🧹 Comprehensive Vacuuming: Deep cleaning of carpets and seats to eliminate all traces of dirt and debris.

🧼 Surface Cleaning: Meticulous attention to plastic, leather, and vinyl surfaces, restoring their original appearance.

💎Glass & Screen: Detailed wiping of interior glass, pedals, and door jams for a spotless finish.

🛠 Plastic & Trim Dressing: Apply premium dressing to the dash, trim, and doors, enhancing their look and longevity.

🌸 Deodorization: Leave your vehicle with a refreshing and lasting fresh scent. 

⏱ Estimated Duration: 1-1.5 hours, though this may vary depending on your vehicle's specific needs.



  • Coupe: 💲65

  • 2 Door Truck: 💲75

  • Midsize SUV: 💲80

  • Sedan: 💲80

  • 4 Door Truck: 💲90

  • Large SUV/Van: 💲105


📞 Ready for your vehicle's next detailing session? Contact us at (918) 984-7666 to schedule an appointment or click on the booking link below to start maintaining your vehicle with the Posh Wash Auto Touch!

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Introducing our Deluxe Detailing Package, a step above our Essential Interior Package. This premium service is designed for those who desire a deeper, more comprehensive interior care for their vehicle. It's ideal for both regular maintenance and special occasions when you want your car to look its best.

(For All Customers)

🌟 Enhanced Comprehensive Vacuuming: In addition to our standard deep cleaning of carpets and seats, we also target hard-to-reach areas and crevices, ensuring a more thorough removal of dirt and debris.

🛁 Advanced Surface Cleaning: We go beyond the basics to treat and protect all interior surfaces, including a specialized cleaning process for plastic, leather, and vinyl, restoring and preserving their original appearance.

💎 Glass & Screen Perfection: Our detailed wiping now includes specialized treatment for interior glass, screens, pedals, and door jams, ensuring a crystal-clear, spotless finish.

🛠 Premium Plastic & Trim Dressing: We use a superior quality dressing for the dash, trim, and doors, not only enhancing their appearance but also offering greater protection against wear and tear.

🌸 Deodorization Plus: Enjoy a more luxurious and lasting fresh scent, leaving your vehicle smelling exceptionally fresh and clean.

🔍 Detail-Oriented Attention: Special focus on finer details, such as button, vent, and small crevice cleaning, to ensure every inch of your vehicle's interior is immaculate.

⏱ Extended Duration: 1.5-2 hours, providing ample time to meticulously attend to every aspect of your vehicle's interior. Duration may vary based on the vehicle's condition and size.


Coupe: 💲85

2 Door Truck: 💲95

Midsize SUV: 💲100

Sedan: 💲100

4 Door Truck: 💲110

Large SUV/Van: 💲125

📞 Elevate your vehicle's interior to a new level of luxury and care. Contact us at (918) 984-7666 to book your Deluxe Interior Detail session, or click on the booking link below to experience the Posh Wash Auto Touch.

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Introducing our Auto Spa Interior Package, the pinnacle of interior detailing services at Posh Wash Auto. This elite package is a significant upgrade from our Deluxe Detailing Package, offering the most comprehensive and luxurious interior care available. Designed for discerning clients who demand nothing but the best, our Auto Spa Package transforms your vehicle's interior into a pristine, rejuvenating space.

(For All Customers)

🌐 Extraction Vacuuming: Our most thorough vacuuming yet, reaching the deepest layers of carpets and seats, and meticulously cleaning every nook and cranny to eradicate even the finest particles of dirt and debris.

💧 Elite Surface Therapy: Elevating our advanced cleaning, we use top-tier products and techniques to treat, nourish, and protect all interior surfaces, including a specialized regimen for plastic, leather, and vinyl, ensuring they retain their pristine condition and luster.

🔮 Glass & Screen Clarity: This service includes an ultra-fine polishing of interior glass and screens, along with detailed attention to pedals and door jams, delivering unparalleled clarity and brilliance.

🏆 Ultimate Plastic & Trim Restoration: We use long-lasting plastic and trim dressing for an OEM factory finish. Leaving the interior plastics noticeably darker, with a low shine and non-greasy feel. 

🌿 Signature Deodorization Experience: Elevate your vehicle's ambiance with our advanced process that neutralizes persistent odors and infuses your interior with a long-lasting, personalized fragrance. This dual-action approach ensures a clean, refreshing, and bespoke aroma experience in your vehicle, making every drive a delight to the senses.

✨ Precision-Focused Detailing: We dedicate extra attention to the smallest elements, including buttons, vents, seatbelts, and intricate crevice cleaning, along with special treatments for any specific concerns, ensuring a flawless interior environment.

⏱ Luxury Duration: 2-3 hours of devoted service, allowing us to meticulously perfect every aspect of your vehicle's interior. Duration may vary depending on the vehicle's size and specific requirements.


Coupe: 💲105

2 Door Truck: 💲115

Midsize SUV: 💲120

Sedan: 💲120

4 Door Truck: 💲130

Large SUV/Van: 💲145

📞 Transform your vehicle's interior into a sanctuary of cleanliness and luxury. Contact us at (918) 984-7666 to schedule your Auto Spa Package, or click on the booking link below for an unparalleled detailing experience.

"Your car deserves the Posh Wash Auto Touch" - B.Campos, Owner 


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