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Posh Wash Auto's origin is deeply rooted in a passion for car detailing, starting as a hobby by our founder, Brian Campos, who initially detailed cars for friends and family. His expertise in detailing methods and strategies, combined with a background in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, naturally transitioned his hobby into a professional business. Brian's commitment to excellence led him to rigorously test various products to master the art of car detailing, blending his engineering skills with his pursuit of perfection to offer superior detailing services.

This transformation from enthusiast to professional marked the beginning of Posh Wash Auto, a business dedicated to exceptional car care and customer satisfaction, showcasing Brian’s deep love for cars and his commitment to delivering outstanding results.

Our Story

Image by Ivan Kazlouskij

Our Detailing Philosophy:

A Step Above Your Average Carwash

At Posh Wash Auto, our mission is to redefine vehicle detailing through a unique blend of passion, precision, and excellence. We see every vehicle as a member of our extended family, deserving of the utmost care and respect. Our commitment extends beyond delivering superior detailing services; it's about creating a community of car enthusiasts united by a shared passion. We pledge to provide an unparalleled detailing experience, combining our deep-seated love for cars with innovative techniques and premium products. By offering personalized care, transparent insights into our meticulous process, and a satisfaction guarantee, we aim to not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations. Our goal is to transform each vehicle one detail at a time and let your vehicle's transformation be a testament to the Posh Wash Auto Difference.

Mission Statement 

At Posh Wash Auto, we're driven by a mission to elevate vehicle detailing through our core values of transparency, quality, reliability, innovation and customer satisfaction. We commit to open communication, high standards, dependable service, and continuous improvement, ensuring every client's experience is beyond satisfactory. Our passion for cars and advanced detailing technology propels us to treat every vehicle with unparalleled care, aiming to transform each experience into a memorable one. 

Our Core Values


Open communication and clear service details for our customers.


Commitment to high standards in all our detailing services.


Dependable service every time you choose us.


Continuously improving and adopting the latest in auto detailing technology.

Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring every client leaves happy and satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions  

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